Creative vs CORPORATE

Extract from "Why the online world makes us better people" at Pecha Kucha 2013.

Connection to Abundance

Described by the seven times New York Times bestselling author and transformational journalist, Neil Strauss as "Incredibly brilliant," Lauren Wallett presents on Connection to Abundance in Los Angeles 2018. 

What is the creative direction of your life? Once you know what's possible, it's time to accelerate the process, with me. 

Creatress: Lauren Wallett

Everything we do expresses who we are. A lifetime of lessons learned. 


You are Geppetto and your business is Pinocchio. From inanimate object to activated and real through the magic of social media...

What Service could you share?

And if I could package what I did, what I knew how to do in real life - if I could package that as a service, I could sell that.  I believe that all of us have services inside of ourselves that we could actually be making money from - just sharing what we know or what we’re passionate about and that’s something completely valuable for the whole world. So, aside from your business, today start to think about what things do you truly believe that you’d like to share with a wider audience…

Not the picket fence life

Security for some is suffocation for others. Freedom above all else. 


This simple acronym is super helpful when you've got a lot on your plate. Do. One. Thing. Not one million things. Then break down tasks into bite size chunks to get started on your strategy. You don't need to do everything today. You do need to start.


I wrote the book Human Doing (available on Amazon) in 2016. In 2017 I created Malva Academy to enable people to birth their businesses online harnessing the power of social media because it's worked so brilliantly for me over the years. You really don't need thousands of followers to generate a great income.

I’ve worked with local and international brands, from startups to multi-million dollar corporations and have shaped my specialised blend of social media strategy...

Content Coordination Tip

We work with 3 Content Types: Created, Coordinated and Curated.  In this 18 second clip, I describe how you can use coordinated content every Thursday based on a well-trusted hashtag #TBT giving you 4 - 5 content blocks every month!

Malva Academy LIVE

The first Malva Academy: Business in a Box event in Cape Town, South Africa, July 27th 2017.