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The 3 Step Strategy to Standout on Social Media in 30 Days.


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The 3 Step Strategy to Standout on Social Media in 30 Days.

Without having thousands of existing followers, a personal presence online or even a business website…

  • Activate your Creative Genius
  • Create your Brand Blueprint
  • Generate +12 month Content Calendar


Introduction Overview


The secret to success:

The Magic of Malva Methodolgy that's shaped Malva from a store in South Africa to an international Marketing consultancy to an Academy for you. From the theory into tips, techniques and tactics that will set you apart from all competitors and sustain a successful brand as you scale internationally.  

Module 1


Activate your creative genius:

Cultivate a creative mindset online and in real life. Learn how to mix the potent elixir to illicit wild success (and discover the missing ingredient that's been holding you back.) 

Module 2


Create your Brand's blueprint:

Define to Create.

Your map to social media success.

Discover why you don't need thousands of followers to generate a great income, with the bonus of flexible work hours and the freedom to work anytime, anyplace.  Set systems to scale your brand and skyrocket success!

Module 3


Generate a +12 Month Content Calendar:

Complete your planning so that your social media works for you, instead of you on it! Stress free, simple solutions.

(Spoiler alert: you do NOT need to create as much content as you think you do!)

Module 4


Wrap up: The full package

Implementing the D.O.T self generating strategy. How Doing One Thing makes all the difference! Why we Dream, Document and Do to keep you relevant, intruiging and timeless on Social Media...



Find out more at the end of the course. 

Now that you're set for social, it's time to reveal some hidden treasures, unique to you... 

You Get


Social Media that's Lit!

  • A simple, straightforward, systematic, sequential approach to social media. 

  • The ability to create, manage and maintain your social media without the overwhelming sensation of ‘what’s next?’.

  • Content creation solutions so that you’re not stressed out constantly trying to scratch for something to post for your accounts. 

  • Time to focus, invest and create in your actual business instead of on social media.

  • Headspace through having a clear direction of what to do instead of guessing at what you should do.

  • A full training blue print for anyone you hire in the future to takeover your social media when you scale. 


A Malva Social Strategy retails at $2500 but you now have FULL ACCESS to the exact same content for only


(It's not a trick. It's an insane saving to celebrate the people who aren't ready to pay for it to be done for them but are ready to make it happen for themselves!

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

IGNITE is for Dreamer-Doer Hybrids who are committed to showcasing their products or service brands online, through sharing their story to sell what they do.

If you're looking for a structured system to set up,  start over, scale or sustain your business brand through social media, then IGNITE is the solution you've been looking for. 


malva client showcase

Pleasurable and Painful Clients since 2013

The IGNITE course includes lessons learned from working with over 50 clients across a multitude of business genres. From luxury islands to artisanal brands to start-ups to tomato sauces!

From setting up to scaling to maintaining to starting a fresh with a variety of personal projects, I have worked with big budgets and catered to clients on a shoe string.

I've combined all my struggles and successes to bring you this condensed power-packed program. 

IGNITE is what you need to set your social media alight! Come on baby, let's light your fire!

And when you know the rules, you can break them... 

So much More

I'll show you how to play on social media so that client's come to you instead of you reaching out to them!

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