ACTIVATE your creative genius



ACTIVATE your creative genius


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This unique discovery extraction process (part of BRAND LIFE) was developed by Lauren Wallett in 2012. 

It forms the basis of all Malva Methodology. 

Based on Lauren's history of character creation, as an actress, theatre director and producer, CEO of Star Quality Performing Arts School and Bachelor of Arts degree in live performance, the process draws out the holistic essence of the brand in order to make the intangible, into a tangible reality. 

Redefined since 2012 after taking hundreds of individuals and brands through the process, the method has been distilled into a fine art.

The ideas activated through your own creative genius become the solid foundation on which to create a brand that is irresistible, intriguing and individual. 

Showcase your brand online.

Share your story with the world. 

Standout as credible and exceptional.

SHINE your brand's brilliance.

It's time to unlock the genius of your brand and unleash it's power into the world. 

You get all the ingredients to craft your complete

  • Brand Bible
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Categories
  • Social Style Guide
  • Content Guide

OR book for a one one one journey through the BRAND LIFE process.


One of the exercises was called Free Association - where essentially you think about your business as a person and give it real character attributes and the feeling behind it, the personality and what it might look like. This was a really unique and creative way for me - something I hadn't seen before of how to think about my business and really helps you with the messaging, your consistency and how you push your message and purpose out there into the world and attract the right kind of people.

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